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What is the Alien Tree House?

The Alien Tree House is a new Virtual Reality world built in VRChat, a virtual reality social network.

The tree house comprises of 5 spaces and can host up to 50 guests in an instance: Main Hall,
Comedy Jazz Club, Room 40, alien fruit.


We ARE Quest compatible!

Grab a
B avatar, courtesy of the Bitcoin & Friends crew & explore! There are many 3D items to play with & a few surprises along the way.

The main hall is filled with crypto art from various talented artists in our community. You can buy originals, prints, merch and NFTs directly from the artists' websites through the CRYPTO ART page. We are only curating art that we've found (with artists' permission) and it's possible some pieces have been sold out.

But the best part is being able to connect with friends on a whole new level, especially when so many of us are spread out across the world.


A huge thank you to our sponsors for contributing to creating this amazing world:

UOG logo.png

If you'd like to donate to support us, you can send BTC here: 



Take a look at the CRYPTO ART


Join us on Telegram for updates

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How to Join VR

Everyone who has a Windows OS can join!

You do NOT need a VR headset, but there are many option available

and does make it more immersive. Some of the worlds are optimized for Oculus Quest headset, but some are not. That means you may not see some of the textures, but are still able to explore the world. Alien Tree House IS Quest compatible.

1. Install STEAM

2. Install VRChat within STEAM

3. Press PLAY and go through the VRChat tutorial

4. Join the world

5. Email                     

if you need help

What if I have a MAC (or Linux)?

You have to run Windows on your MAC or Linux by setting it up as a virtual machine. If you don't already know how to do this we would advise to proceed with caution or try to borrow a Windows machine from a friend. 

1. Do Your Own Research. You can start HERE

2. You can install Parallels with a 14-day free trial

(tested and it includes WIN 10 installation)


3. Alternate WIN 10 download for free 

4. Follow steps 1 - 5 above